Thoughtful Design

Thoughtful Design

Sustainability is something we are very passionate about. We believe that we have a responsibility as a business and personally in our everyday lives to be making thoughtful decisions with sustainability in mind. For us sustainability isn't a box to tick. We see it as a guiding light and constant consideration, something we are always moving towards in new ways and with each decision.

A philosophy we have decided to adopt is the idea of going circular. For us this means closing the loop on materials and practices wherever possible. We see this as being relevant not only to our products themselves but our supply chain as a whole. Internal systems, thoughtful design and recycling are all areas that can be made more circular with each business decision.

For us thoughtful design is an approach where new ideas and products are passed through a series of considerations and questioned in regards to their place and purpose. We like to consider the following:

- How will this product be used and will it meet the customers needs in a reliable and consistent way?

- Will the aesthetics of this product mean that the customer will get use of it for seasons to come? Have we extended the life of the product through style?

- Are the materials used in the product the most sustainable available?

- Can this product be produced in a way where volume meets demand, reducing waste?

- Has the product been created ethically?

You can read more about the journey we are on over on our blog where we will keep you updated with our progress.