Eye Health for Kids

With each year that passes our society finds itself more and more integrated with advances in technology. Certainly, the lives of our children today are more entwined in this technology than ever before.
This increase in screen time starts in childhood and lasts right through to adulthood. It has never been more important to care for kids eye health and there is a great awareness now as to the importance of regular eye checks for kids.
 Equally as important as caring for kids eye health is ensuring that kids ultimately wear any prescription frames they are prescribed by an Optometrist. Half the battle here often lies in the child feeling confident and excited about their new accessory! Never before have kids been more engrossed in fashion, parents now have a strong desire to dress kids in clothes that reflect their vibrant personalities. It is only fitting that an Optical range be launched to fill this void! Goose & Dust have designed frames that reflect cool little personalities, leaving kids feeling confident and edgy - a true reflection of them.