About Us

About us
The way we see it Eyewear is baseline essential.
Yeah, it really is.
It protects us from the sun and corrects vision issues. Stop for a moment and think about how digitised our world has become. Yep, there is no avoiding it... eye health has never been more important.
We believe that a youth well spent is about enjoying all mother nature has to offer and falling down a rabbit hole of learning, discovery and passion. Our goal is that we can enable kids to do these things and do them well.
The benefits last well into adulthood of course. This digital stuff isn't going anywhere so our kids will need their eyes to be at the top of their game longer than any generation before them.
The best part??? Eyewear is just plain old awesome. A way to express yourself and show the world who you are and what you care about. A tool used to follow your passions and dreams. A friend on your face that enhances the individual. We have taken the notion that kids eyewear is something to feel self conscious and awkward about and tossed it out the window.