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As far as we are concerned Vintage has always been cool and has a place in every single wardrobe. The impact that social media has had on consumerism in the last few years and the rise of influencers promoting the latest and greatest new thing has meant that vintage hasn't been getting the air time it deserves.

We were so excited to see the launch of Vestaire and the resulting coverage being given to vintage fashion. Vintage and pre-loved fashion is as important in a wardrobe as your staple white t-shirt. In fact in a world where we see so much 'sameness' in the media this is the eternal trick to put your own stamp on things.

While pre-loved and vintage pieces are great to have in your own wardrobe they are also a wonderful thing to introduce into your children's lives. For a child it can mean the difference between them thinking of 'special' as new and shiny and instead thinking of 'special' as the story something has to tell.

 Vintage Cape

Above: Vintage Mohair Cape

BathersAbove: Vintage Boy Leg Bathers

Terry Shorts

 Above: Vintage Terry Swimming Trunks

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