The World Science Festival

The World Science Festival

World Science Festival, Brisbane 

The inaugural World Science Festival returns in March, with a flagship event in Brisbane from the 22nd – 26th. This event is definitely not one to miss, and holds a range of incredibly interesting events, as the imaginations of some of the world’s leading scientists run wild!

 The Queensland Museum Network holds exclusive license to host the World Science Festival in the Asia Pacific, and reinforces Australia’s reputation as a world leader in knowledge and education. The event ignites a range of fascinating discussions and learning opportunities in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (abbreviated as STEM – a core subject at many Aussie schools)! 

Some stats to get you there! (From the official WSF website)

Last year the event was held from the 9th-13th March, and had 120,367 attendances – double the predicted number! There were 247 participants and exhibitors from over 10 countries, 124 performances of 90 individual events (including 66 sell-outs!), 1439 media stories which reached a cumulative audience of 28,641,975, and 35,420 event-related visitor nights, which injected more than $5 million into the Queensland economy. So, to say the event is huge, is an understatement! If this year’s festival is anything like 2016’s, it’s not something you will want to miss…

 For more information, head to the World Science Festival official event website.