Kids Parties!

Kids Parties!

Are you are like me and the thought of organising a child's birthday party send chills down your spine? I have vivid memories of many late nights spent stuffing lolly bags, sorting finger food, biting off way more than I can chew and streamers going everywhere, but after a little chat with Lara from Honey Lane I have some awesome tips and tricks to tackle the old kids party, make it insta-worthy and something that everyone will enjoy! Honey Lane is a Sydney based styling business that certainly knows how to throw a seriously good party!

P: Hey Lara, thanks for allowing me to pick your brain about all things kids parties! I think its fair to say you have attended many kids parties and know what works. Have you got any advice on the sort of party that works best for all the different ages - babies, toddlers and primary age kids?
L: Yes, having 3 children of my own and owning an event styling business means  I certainly have attended many children’s parties!! 1st birthdays have become quite a big event. Of course, when a baby is only 1, their input into their party is going to be minimal to none! This is normally a parent’s chance to choose a theme and style for the party that reflects their little one, but also one that they love too! Really, when babies are this young, the parties are equally about the adults that attend so good food and beverages are essential! As babies become toddlers, they are more likely to have their own little ideas as to how they want their party to be styled. Throwing a Thomas the Tank Engine party may not be the idea of ‘cool’ for any parent, but if it makes your little one happy then that’s all that matters. When organising a party for a toddler, entertainment for the kids becomes more important whether it’s farm animals, clowns or something as simple as colouring books and animal masks. Adults are still very much involved when it comes to parties with toddlers so again, catering well for your adult guests will make sure everyone is happy! This is quite different for parties of primary aged children. Whilst it isn’t always the case, often as the children get older, the parents drop the children and leave. This means that the parties then become all about the child and there is little need to cater for adults. Again, entertainment is key. Keeping parties short and sweet and having the children well fed and happily entertainment will mean a successful party all round!
P: What are your tips on throwing a kids party that is fun for both the kids and adults?
L: When both children and the adults walk away happy from a party, you know you have done a great job! And really, it’s as simple as thinking about what is important to both kids and adults. For kids, its yummy food and fun activities! Yummy food doesn’t have to mean nasty sugary treats. There are so many delicious treats for kids with little to no sugar and the kids won’t know any different. There are so many fabulous businesses out there that run entertainment for children. Sports parties have become quite popular, and farm animals never seems to go out of style! Having blankets on the ground for the smaller babies will keep them happy and make it much easier on the parents too. And to keep the adults happy, simply providing more grown up food as well as good beer and wine will most certainly keep any adult happy! Especially if their little ones are being kept well entertained throughout the party and they ca enjoy a decent conversation with another adult!

P: In terms of creating something that looks great what is the best way to go about this, if I dont want to go to the ends of the earth putting up decorations and packing everything away at the end of the party?
L: Some of the children’s parties we have styled have taken 3 plus hours to set up…and that was with a team of 4 professional stylists! Many parents simply do not have the time nor the desire to do this! If you do want to throw a perfectly styled party without lifting a finger, then hiring an event stylist will certainly be the way to go! However if you wanted a more simple affair but still wanted some gorgeous touches, I would recommend doing a beautifully styled cake and dessert table. This then becomes the feature of your party, will look fabulous in photos and certainly will not take long at all to set up!

P: Are there any go to foods that always work well for you?
L: Little kraft boxes containing cut sandwiches, sultanas and perhaps some cheese  sticks work very well for small children…they look super cute too with a gorgeous ribbon tied around them. Hot dogs, burgers and sausage sizzles are a great option for adults and older children alike…they are cost effective, simple, yet delicious!

P: And what about the cake?
L: Amazing cakes used to be saved for more adults affairs such as weddings, however spectacular cakes for children are becoming more and more popular with some parents really splashing out on their child’s cake. Multi-tiered cakes, stunning cake toppers and intricate designs are often seen in those insta-worthy parties and simpler affairs alike! The cake has become the hero piece of children’s parties, but that’s not to say the infamous “Woman’s Weekly Children’s Birthday Cake Book” cakes have had their day! There is still nothing more personal and lovely than a mum (or dad!) making a cake for their child which they have picked out of that gorgeous book!

P: Lastly any secret insider tips that will make me look like a pro party planner?!?
L: It’s never too early to start planning! We get many last minute calls from parents who have clearly left it all a little late. With work, the kids and other commitments, planning a party seems like a great idea…until you get 4 weeks out and realised you haven’t done anything! You can start as early as 12 weeks before, taking your time to plan the theme, purchase items online and arrange your catering.

P: What can an event stylist bring to the table that will make the party amazing?
L: There are two aspects that and events stylist can help with…making it look incredible, but also ensuring the whole process is easy, stress free and enjoyable. A key factor for us at Honey Lane is to really get to know our clients…we want our events to really reflect the little children we are celebrating by making them honest and authentic. Plus, we know all of the suppliers out there, know exactly where to go to get whatever is required to bring everything together in a gorgeous and seamless way.


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