Kids Hair 101 with Eliza Campagna

I have had lots of feedback about the gorgeous hair Maycee and Pax are sporting in our lookbook shoot. I was fortunate enough to have my good friend and amazing hair and makeup artist Eliza Campagna help out and create these beautiful styles. The truth is they were were quick and easy for a hair master like Eliza and I thought I would take the opportunity to ask her a few of her secret styling tips for children's hair...

Kids Hair

G&D: Hey Eliza! Thanks for letting me tap your brain for some quick tips on nailing children's hair!

Eliza: No problem, fire away!

G&D: Firstly, how can I quickly achieve something similar to Maycee's hair out look from our shoot on my daughter at home?

Eliza: That look is super easy, you need to have a flat iron (straightening iron) and randomly pick up sections of the hair as if to straighten them but instead of just pulling down straight, turn it towards you for one turn, then turn it away from you for one turn and keep doing that the whole way down the section - like a zig zag action.

G&D: And what about the high top knot?

Eliza: Top knot's are really fun just section the hair from behind the ears towards the top of the head, framing the face, pull it upwards and smooth out with fingers only. Then twist the hair and keep twisting it until it twists itself into a knot and use a small bobby pin or clip to secure it.

G&D: I have been dying to ask you the best approach for styling, plaiting and braiding super fine hair, I have practiced on my daughters hair but it falls out within minutes everytime!

Eliza: The best way to thicken up fine hair is to spray a little dry shampoo or a texturizing spray such as 'Texturizer' by Unite hair products, into the hair first it will help to give the hair a little extra grip so it will stay in better.

G&D: Any tips for the dreaded tangles that all kids seem to get?

Boys Hair

Eliza: Yes!  when the hair is wet, I use a Tangle Teezer with a small amount of conditioning spray, combined they are amazing for this purpose. However Tangle Teezers are also great on dry hair too.

G&D: What about boys hair? Any secret tips for styling something that is cool and edgy?

Eliza: If you get can them to sit still long enough it's always good to dry a little sea salt spray into the hair to give it a bit of grit, but a good surf wax or spray wax also works quite well.

G&D: Thank you so much Eliza I can't wait to go and practice all of your tips!


Eliza is not only a highly accomplished Hair and Makeup Artist she also owns E Lumiere and creates some of the most divine candles going around. Do yourself a favour and check out her stunning Luxe Marble Candle Range!


XXX Prudie