Hong Kong!

Hong Kong!

Whether you head to Hong Kong on business or transit, with or without kids it is a city that is perfect for the young and not so young to take a wander and absorb the visual delights. If your time is limited in Hong Kong we recommend a quick visit to Gough Street, there you will get the best mix of shopping, eating and drinking with or without kids in tow. Some of our top Gough Street picks are below:


Window Shopping

Some pretty cool street art paves the way for some awesome shop window installations. Our favourite would have to be Ms B's Cakery with their incredible baked delights that are displayed in the front windows. Walk a little further and if its the right time of day you might just catch a couple of locals playing a game of Jianzi.


  • Petite Bazaar - A must do for kids fashion, curated to perfection with the perfect little pieces for your mini.
  • Homeless - Interiors lovers will love this space and can be guaranteed a great find.

Eating and Drinking

  • Coffee at Elephant Grounds or NOC Coffee Co
  • Chinese from Kau Kee (expect a line at lunch time!), French just a street back from Cocotte or Lobster and Mussels from Paul's Kitchen are our favourites.
  • Gelato afterwards from Oddies