a family story

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It's funny how parenthood can become a tour of your own long forgotten childhood traditions. As a child my memories are defined by my mothers many creative skills, some of which I have been lucky enough to inherit.

The craft activities that kept us busy and the clothes we wore were all of my mothers creation. I have my own kids now and they are equally excited by my mothers skills as I was all those years ago.

A yearly tradition we have is to hold a 'sew up' (who am I kidding, I don't do the sewing!). I love collecting vintage remnant fabrics throughout the year for the sew up and then we set aside a day for my mother, kids and I to have a bit of fun while we go through patterns and fabrics then decide what will be made.

I love that this has taught my kids that new and shiny things aren't the only option. We paired these wonderful pieces with our Sustainable range of sunglasses, making a cameo in the photos is a Hubble and Duke linen shirt that we Herb dyed ourselves to achieve an earthy wear.



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